Creative Coach

I work with writers and other creatives, helping them to define and prioritize their goals, explore options and then map out a plan of action. I provide a safe and supportive space in which they can step back from their daily pressures, gain new insights and understanding, and discover their own solutions.

I offer two services: Professional Development Planning which consists of one (or sometimes two) face-to-face two hour sessions and Coaching which is available by Skype or telephone (or face-to-face, location permitting) and comprises five or more one-hour sessions. (Some people like to combine the two services and have a PDP session following by a coaching series.)

I became an accredited coach in 2009 after successfully completing the Coaching Skills for Leadership training delivered by Performance Coach Training Ltd and Cultural Leadership Programme (awarded Distinction). I co-deliver the National Association of Writers in Education’s one-to-one service Compass Points and, since 2012, I have also been working as a freelance coach, supporting writers and literature professionals at all stages of their careers, as well as visual artists and makers. My coaching practice is informed by my work as a project manager specialising in writer development and my 30 years of experience working in the arts sector in Scotland and England.


Here’s some of the feedback I’ve had from clients…

‘I found the process helpful and inspiring. Philippa has a brilliant knack for helping you pin down quite unspecific ideas and shaping them into definite goals.’

‘‘The coaching with Philippa has been one of the best things I’ve ever done to improve my writing life. It was really thought-provoking to have these one-to-one sessions, being (gently) encouraged to think through problems and obstacles and to look for solutions. I recommend it to anyone who shares my problems of procrastination, disorganisation, juggling jobs and trying to make writing a career.’

‘Philippa was skilled at identifying deflection and prevarication, guiding me back on track with insightful questions and picking up on things I had said that were more significant than I had realized.’

‘I just want to say how much I value the insight, care and attention you put into my coaching sessions. I’ve been touched both by your generosity with time and attention and by your generosity of spirit, too.’

‘I found the whole process very beneficial for my focus on writing, but there was also a knock-on effect on other areas of my life.’

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about the one-to-one services I offer.